100% Herbal Pecah Beling Herbal Tea Bag General Health Drink 黑面将军茶 (13 tea bags x 3g)
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  • 100% Pecah Beling tea leaves 
  • No mix of any other herbs.
  • 1 packet with 13 tea bags (3g each bag)
  • In boiling water and steep for 10min.
  • Each bag can be re-brewed for 2-3 times.
  • Consume as and when, as a herbal beverage.
  • Tastes herbal bitterish, warm in nature.
  • No known adverse effects. 

Herbal products are to improve general health, well-being, boosts immunity thus increases quality of life. The Pecah Beling 黑面将军茶 herbal tea is Strobilanthes crispus Blume, a small shrub plant grown privately for its medicinal properties. Commonly known as Pecah Beling, Black Face General or in Chinese 黑面将军茶. The Black Face General plant posesses anticancer, antioxidant, antiangiogenic, antimicrobial, anti-HIV, antilytic, laxative, diuretic, free radical scavenging, wound healing, antidiabetic, hypolipidemic and antiulcerogenic properties.

As a processed Pecah Beling/ Black Face General leaves, it can be consumed as a general detoxing herbal tea for overall health. Traditionally, the leaves and stems are collected and boiled to be drank as tea.

General benefits 

  • Anti-oxidant
  • Detox

Taste:Herbal bitterish and warm in nature

The herbs in this package is locally planted and processed with no preservatives, no artificial coloring and sulfur free. Firstly, the leaves are collected, dried, disinfected with UV light and then packed into tea bags. It is 100% leaves of the Pecah Beling  does not contain any other herbs. 

Expiry: December 2022


  • 1 cup of boiling water per teabag
  • Steep 10min
  • Can be re-brewed up to 2-3 times

Consume as and when, as a herbal beverage for general health. Per day consumption 1-2 bags.

Introducing the brand/ company that developed the product:

  1. The brand, Greenery Recipe (002431791-M) specialises in traditional chinese herbs and teas.
  2. The company, Ever Green Marketing:
  • Established in 2011
  • Manages a small herbal medicine manufacturing
  • Concept: One flower and one herb is good medicine.
  • Service: Production of natural herbal health tea.
  • Purpose: Reveal the code of health to the world through the treasures of nature.
  • Product advantages: 100% natural, no coloring, no preservatives, no sulfur smoke.


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