100% Yin Yong Yin Yang Huo Herbal Tea Bag General Health Drink 淫羊藿茶 (13 tea bags x 3g)
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  • 100% Yin Yang Huo tea leaves 
  • No mix of any other herbs.
  • 1 packet with 13 tea bags (3g each bag)
  • In boiling water and steep for 10min.
  • Each bag can be re-brewed for 2-3 times.
  • Consume as and when, as a herbal beverage.
  • Tastes herbal, warm in nature.
  • No known adverse effects. 

Herbal products are to improve general health, well-being, boosts immunity thus increases quality of life. Herbal plant processed and packed in tea bag for convenience. No need to pack the raw herbs and boil on your own. The leaves are processed by a professional in TCM (please check the background of the TCM expert below). Packed as a tea bag – it is easy to prepare, anytime of the day, can carry along with you to office or for a meal outside of home. Its taste is not too strong hence really good for beginners of traditional herbal tea. There are no known adverse effects.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), epimedium herbs are plants that belong to the 'Tonic herbs for Yang Deficiency' category. Tonic herbs are used for patterns of Deficiency, when one lacks one of the 'Four Treasures' (QiBloodYin and Yang). Yang Tonics are generally used in combination with a small amount of Yin tonics. If Yin is deficient, neither Qi nor Yang herbs alone will be effective. The most common symptoms associated with Yang Deficiency are low libido and impotence. It is worth mentioning that another very effective remedy against Yang Deficiency is regular exercise. Furthermore epimedium herbs are plants that are Warm in nature. Epimedium herbs are thought to target the Kidney and the Liver.

The herbs in this package is locally planted and processed with no preservatives, no artificial coloring and sulfur free. Firstly, the leaves are collected, dried, disinfected with UV light and then packed into tea bags. It is 100% leaves of the epidemium plant and does not contain any other herbs. 


  • Package: 13 tea bags x 3g
  • General benefits: Tonic herb, can invigorate Qi and body fluids.
  • Expiry: December 2022
  • Taste: Herbal,and warm in nature


  • 1 cup of boiling water per teabag
  • Steep 10 min
  • 1 teabag, can re-brew 2-3 times

Herbal products are to improve general health, well-being, boosts immunity thus increases quality of life. So consume as and when, consistently for general wellness.

The brand, Greenery Recipe (002431791-M) specialises in traditional Chinese herbs and teas.

  • The company, Ever Green Marketing:
  • Established in 2011
  • Manages a small herbal medicine manufacturing
  • Concept: One flower and one herb is good medicine.
  • Service: Production of natural herbal health tea.
  • Purpose: Reveal the code of health to the world through the treasures of nature.
  • Product advantages: 100% natural, no coloring, no preservatives, no sulfur smoke.

Should you have specific ailments, please consult a physician.

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