Artist Inspired Merchandise
Artist Inspired Merchandise
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  •  Autism Artist, Graphic cartoonist,

  •  Special Needs Child, Non-verbal autism. Passion in cartoons

  •  Talented disadvantaged artist

  •  Unique, one of the kind masterpiece 



Original mandala design of a "Half-Sun".

Design placed on the Side of the Tee to give the Tee a classic look.

Couple Tee - bright Yellow Half-Sun on a fiery Red tee - brings cheer, hope, optimism with full of energy, passion and excitement.

Can buy as a single item too; please select the Single Item listing 

Couple Tee at 10% discount.

  • 17 pages: 14 drawings for colouring, 2 quotations, 1 special needs art; 5 quotes, 4 activities (hidden objects, draw yourself, draw your house).
  • Suitable Beginners copy for colouring.
  • Drawings are all moderate intricate, not extremely complicated, very engaging in motivational quotes and activities.
  • Its size at A5 size, 6"x8.5" and being staple bound, makes it light and handy to take around.
  • A bonus artpiece by an autism artist is the highlight for the appreciation of art by special needs.
  • More than a colouring book, it is a social initiative to encourage young artists and to showcase special needs artwork.

  • Half-Sun is the creation of Yana at Tiariz Arts.
  • The caption‘Be You Tiful’ at the back of the shirt inspires self-love.
  • 00% cotton, very light material. Available in sizes of XXS, XS, S, M, L
  • Autism Artist, Graphic cartoonist
  • Special Needs Child
  • Non-verbal autism. Passion in cartoons
  • Talented cartoonist
  • Disadvantaged artisan