Cute Multicolour Dinosaur Beaded 3D Keychain Charm Animal Fun Collection Handmade Craft
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Size (L x W x H) 25 cm x 18 cm x 6 cm
  • A collection of evergreen favourites and adorable and everybody's favourite,  Cute Dinos are intricately stringed together by Lan Jie who is wheel-chair bound. 
  • Size of Cute Dino: W 3cm, H 4cm, L 9cm
  • 100% handmade by disadvantaged artisan
  • Can use to decorate your Christmas tree too:-)
  • Cork bag & pouch not included, for decorative & demo purpose.
  • Colour matching & combination will be random as per crafter's creativities

100% handmade by disadvantaged artisan
Can use to decorate your Christmas tree too:-)
Cork bag & pouch not included, for decorative & demo purpose.

Crafter's Profile
Lan Jie, Artisan Extraordinaire

When you meet Madam Joo Choon Lan or more personally known as "Lan Jie", only one-word strike you: "Bravery".
Lan Jie was stricken with severe polio syndrome since young and has been riddled with many life challenges thrown at her. She is now wheelchair-bound.
Her husband, 'Ming Kor' was a mechanic before he meets with an accident 30 years ago which left him with a limp. He recently met with another mishap which further reduces his mobility. The family lost their livelihood since then. Lan Jie was undeterred and decided to home produce DIY handcrafts for a living. Yi Zhen 'Ah Boy" helps out during holidays to push Ming Kor through the Kopitiams to sell these products.

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What's in the box

1 x keychain / charm

1 x protective