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Eco Soap Set Natural Dishwashing Bar Soap with Loofah Scrub and Bamboo Soap Holder Zero Waste
Price RM3.00 - RM10.20
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Size (L x W x H) 25 cm x 18 cm x 3 cm
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  • Non-scented bar soap. as a cleaning agent for dishes, greasy pots,and even shoes, car.
  • Made from used cooking oil - safe to use, no chemicals, only natural ingredients, no additional fragrances
  • Ingredients - water, lye, used cooking oil
  • Home-made in Muslim family home.
  • Can add on loofah scrub and bamboo soap holder.
  • Support local business in zero waste, eco, recycled products.

A natural eco non-scented dishwashing soap set, that comes with 3 pieces of loofah scrub and a bamboo dish soap to dry the bar soap after washing. The bar soap is a upcycled soap, made from used cooking oil. No chemicals used, only water, lye and the used cooking oil. It is absolutely safe to use, in fact, it is very good for dry or sensitive skin that is affected by harsh chemicals used in the commercially produced dishwashing soaps. In fact, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) advocates for used cooking oil to be brought to recycling centres which can be used to make soaps, candles, as well as renewable energy. Being made into usable and practical everyday products also saves further pollution to the environment as used cooking oil can clog up drains and sewers. In 2016, the Klang Municipal Council spent almost RM6 million to remove clogging caused by hardened cooking oil in drains. Turning used cooking oil into practical everyday use, is safe, zero waste, environmental friendly.

In terms of the process, the used oil is being "treated". It starts with the process of collecting the oil, which is strained to remove particles. Then the water and lye is mixed in until reaches consistency. The mixture is then poured into cleaned fresh milk bottle and left to set for around 48 hours. The cut bar soaps will be left to air for around 4 weeks to ensure it is fully solidified and dry for usage.

Our set includes 3 pieces of loofah dishwashing scrub and a bamboo soap holder to dry the bar soap after wash. The loofah dishwashing scrub, made from the ever-versatile loofah plant. It is very effective in removing stains and grease without causing any damage to the dishes. It is also very easy to wash away residuals that usually sticks onto normal dishwashing cloths/ sponges.


  • Size of bar soap: 7x 7 cm
  • Weight of bar soap: 100g
  • Ingredients of bar soap: Used cooking oil, lye, water (no additional fragrance is added)
  • Size of soap holder: 9x11 cm
  • Material of soap holder: Bamboo
  • Size of loofah scrub:8x12.5 cm

NOTE usage of the soap: Best recommendation is as a cleaning agent for dishes, greasy pots, or even shoes. Not advised to use for bathing.


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What's in the box
  • 1 piece of non-scented bar soap for cleaning, or
  • 1 piece of loofah dishwashing scrub, or
  • 1 piece of bamboo soap holder