100% Handmade Natural Terra Cotta Ceramic Foot Scrubber Tanah Liat Batu Asah Tumit Kaki
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Size (L x W x H) 18 cm x 15 cm x 3 cm
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  • Made by women artisans in Pakistan.
  • 100% hand-formed terra cotta.
  • Process of sun-dried, kiln-dried will maintain the scrubber so it is not moldy, does not wear out.
  • Perfect to remove dry skin and calluses.
  • 2 sides to use - one to scrub away the dry skin and the other side to smoothen the skin.

Hand-formed by artisan women in Pakistan, this is a 100% natural foot scrubber, made of terra-cotta, sun-dried and kiln-fried so that it will not wear out, disintegrate or get moldy like other pumice stones do. This terra cotta pumice stone is perfect for dry skin, cracked heels and calluses, and doesn't wear out!

Both sides of this scrubber can be used to clean, exfoliate and smooth dry, rough skin. Used regularly, it helps remove calluses, and reduces dry, cracked heels. 

A foot callus remover par excellence!


  • Size: Length 12cm, Width 6cm; Handle 3cm
  • Material: 100% natural hand-formed terra-cotta


How to use

  1. At the end of your shower or bath, add a few drops of liquid soap to the Foot Scrubber and gently scrub feet. Focus on especially dry or callused areas, such as heels, balls of feet and toes. 
  2. Turn it over and smooth skin with the buffing side. 
  3. Dry feet lightly and apply Nourishing Foot Cream all over and Shea Butter Balm on the heels, falls of feet and nails.
  4. Once in a while, clean your Foot  Scrubber. 


Why it really works

  • The "pumicey" texture works to gently scrub away dry skin and foot callus, and the "washboard" side helps polish skin. 
  • Terra-cotta, used widely in the Indian Sub-continent, is fired in a kiln, so it never wears out.  


How to care for the foot scrubber

  • Rinse after us, and store at dry area. Try not to keep anywhere damp.
  • Extra care is to soak in solution of 1 tablespoon bleach with 1 cup of water.

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