Handcrafted Bunga Telang Pandan Tea Butterfly Pea Flower Blue Tea Pandan Leaves 10 gm
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  • A local product, handcrafted by young adults of a special needs centre in Subang.
  • An initiative to provide platform for youth with special needs to gain sustainable living.
  • The product is harvested fresh with locally sourced pandan leaves and butterfly pea flower.
  • A refreshing and fragrant drink, from a combination of pandan leaves and butterfly pea flower.
  • Can be drink as it is or mixed into other beverages such as blackcurrant drink (Ribena).

A Malaysian product, handcrafted by young special needs adults. Seven Tea One is a centre established for the purpose of providing a safe, inclusive and non-discriminatory platform for differently-abled and marginalised communities to earn dignified income. To-date, there are 17 teens with autism syndrome disorder at our Center in Subang, being guided by the Seven Tea One management. Let us support them in their journey to gain sustainable living.

This infused tea is 100% handcrafted, locally sourced and contains no chemicals, no preservatives and no caffeine. It is vegan-friendly and gluten free.

This tea product is handcrafted from freshly harvested local herbs, then dehydrated to perfection in order to maintain its aromatic fragrance and nutritional values. These infusion herbs tea are wholesome leaves, natural, chemical-free and contained no caffeine.The butterfly pea flower is traditionally used for relaxation, stress relief, ease anxiety, regulate blood pressure. Very high in antioxidant properties with pandan fragrance.

The combination of the ever popular and fragrant pandan leaves and butterfly pea flower produces a refreshing mild bluish tea, once brewed well, has that pleasant pandan aroma. Can also be mixed into other beverages such as blackcurrant drink (Ribena).



  • Each bottle is weight approximately 10 gm of combination of pandan leaves and blue pea/butterfly pea flower (bunga telang)
  • Each consumption only need 1 tea spoon.


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1 bottle bunga telang (butterfly pea flower) pandan tea leaves