Super Tote Foldable Handmade Grocery Bag Handmade Multi Vegan Choices Bamboo Pandan Leaves Batik Loofah Eco Friendly Sustainable
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Size (L x W x H) 18 cm x 13 cm x 3 cm
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Large size Tote Bag

Foldable, becomes a handheld bag.

Easy to carry along, put into your handbag,

Light travel for shopping, just unfold when use for grocery purchases.

Washable, and hook given for ease of drying and ease of storage.

100% All natural materials

Super Tote Foldable Grocery Bag, shopping made easy. Internal bag is made of canvas, with 6 compartments for different types of groceries and an external compartment to put all your essentials. Canvas is a suitable grocery bag as it is durable, sturdy and heavy duty. It is waterproof so no fear of groceries of being damp. The external compartment, with 4 options, all made from plants - loofah, bamboo, pandan leaves, and a handpainted batik. When not used, the bag is folded up, external compartment zips up and becomes a handheld wallet-like bag. Made easy to carry along, travel light when you go shopping. 

A 100% handmade and all natural materials, plant based materials that are sustainable and eco friendly. 

The Pandan Super Tote Bag

Pandan leaves is Asia's natural super material, natural remedy, natural insects repellant, culinary use, natural coloring. It is also a popular leaf for crafting bags. Natural dye used to make the colourful pandan leaves, not harmful. Makes a very attractive handheld bag when folded.

The Bamboo Super Tote Bag

Bamboo is a very supernatural plant in the forest ecosystem. Known to be very hardy, the bamboo weaved together will not damage easily. Also water resistant. As a plant, it absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide than equivalent trees. Grows well without use of pesticides or fertilisers therefore not hazardous to the forestation. Definitely, biodegradable material. When handheld, it gives a very refreshing minimalistic design.

The Loofah Luffa Super Tote Bag

Luffa is a genus of tropical and subtropical vines in the cucumber family (cucurbitaceae) 

In everyday non-technical usage, the luffa, also spelled loofah, usually refers to the species Luffa aegyptiaca and Luffa acutangula. It is cultivated and eaten as a vegetable. It is very fibrous when ripes. A great resource used widely as a scrubbing sponge for bathing, and cleaning kitchen utensils. Feels rough, this special Loofah Luffa Super Tote Bag, has that very natural look, as you go shopping.

Definitely, biodegradable material. When handheld, it gives a very refreshing minimalistic design.

The Batik Handpainted Super Tote Bag

This is Art-on-the-Go Tote Bag. A nice feel, contemporary look.

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