Family set of Mask storage and accessories portable washable storage box foldable mask sheets hair extender dustproof anti toxic
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Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm
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Stay safe, protect yourself. Get a complete set :

  • Storage box to keep extra masks. 
  • Dustproof design with buckle cover, build in baffle to hold masks tight.
  • Peace of mind while on-the-go, at office; whenever need an extra mask or change your mask.
  • Foldable sheets - light, handy, no fuss, easy to use, anti toxic (safe to use), can be washed and reuse again.
  • No worries while need to eat, chat, to take a break/ fresh air (if not fronting big crowd, customer, meetings). Your mask is safe inside the foldable sheet.
  • Adults and children can use, keep mask safe to be re-used, no need to change to new mask.
  • Hair extender, to enhance your mask wearing experience, hold the mask for long period of time without hurting ears.

All that you need to enhance your safety:

1. Mask storage box, can keep up to 3-5 pieces to standby as and when you need to change your mask. Easy to carry, handy, just slip it into your bag when you leave the house or office. Size like a digital device (pad, tablet). It is designed to catch the masks and shut tight, an anti-dust design for your safety.

2. Foldable transparent sheets to keep your mask after use - while you eat or chat, during your break time (when you are not fronting a customer/ meetings). Pack of 3 pieces of random cartoon and clear designs are available.

3. A hair extender to hold your masks, so that the mask can be worn for a long period of time without hurting the ears. Available for adult and children.

Stay safe, protect yourself. Remember to sanitize after use, and better still, give it a wash.


1. Mask storage box: 19 cm  x 11 cm ; available in White colour

2. Foldable transparent sheets: 19 cm x 12.5 cm; available in pack of 3 pieces, random mix of clear and cartoon designs.

3. Hair extender: Adult (16 cm), Kids (13 cm).

Note :

Masks are not included, as these are used for illustrations only.

Measurement may differ by +/-1-2cm.

Lighting may have affected the actual design.

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What's in the box

Family set of Mask storage and accessories

2 pieces of mask storage box

2 packs of 3 foldable sheets (each pack hence total of 6 sheets; mix of cartoon and clear designs, randomly selected)

2 adult hair extenders

1 kid hair extender