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  • UV Protection Arm Sleeves
  • Protect against prolong exposure of UV sunlight, which can cause sunburn, skin issues such as wrinkles, premature aging and longterm, damage skin cells.
  • A MUST for people spending long hours outdoor (gardening, farming, food bike riders, enforcement officers, etc)
  • Cooling milk silk material
  • Unisex
  • Stretchable up to 50cm (length), 

Need to protect arms from too much UV sunlight? Long hours of being exposed to UV sunlight rays is not good to your skin. It causes wrinkles, premature aging and really prolong exposure may even damage skin cells. But fret not, those working outdoor in the garden/ farm/ orchard or on-the-go bike riders (deliverying our Grab food/ Panda/ etc), do give yourselves good protection. These arm sleeves made of soft milk silk material (ideal blend of nature and technology that has benefits of natural and synthetic fibres), will definitely keep you cool outdoors. It absorbs the sweat, dries fast, so you can be comfortable throughout your day in the sun. Aside from protection from the sun, it is also good in the cold ! Especially if you do not want to wear long sleeves shirts to airconditioned areas, you can have these arm sleeves in the air-cond area then remove them when you do not require them.

Available now in Camouflage Green pattern. Get a pair, keep safe and look cool too ! 


  • Gender: Unisex
  • Size: 40 cm (length). Stretchable up to any arm length: 50cm, arm size 35 , wrist size 27cm
  • Material: Milk Silk fabric (a blend of natural and technology ie synthetic fibres)
  • Washing: Hand-wash will do


Camouflage colour position is not fixed.

Slight differences in measurement and colour in the actual item due to manual measurement and lighting (photography).

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Untuk perlindungan UV matahari, kalau anda bekerja atau berada di outdoor, buat waktu yang lama.Gunakan Arm Sleeves ini untuk mengurangkan pendedahan UV sunlight. Ini sepasang Arm Sleeves yang memang cooling dan fashionable.




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