Handmade Bottle Opener Half Moon Tropical Mahogany Upcycling Natural Fallen Timber Woodcraft
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  • Naturally made of wood from cuts, branches, barks of fallen trees. 
  • Converts fallen tree into beautiful craft, a zero wastage craft.
  • Tropical Mahogany wood, number one wood choice for high end furniture worldwide. 
  • Natural tonewood suitable for boat building, guitar, carving. 
  • Mahogany wood sands easily and has remarkable stability.
  • Ingenious design, with a pull up screw to remove the bottle cap and a magnet to capture the cap

Unique Handmade Bottle Opener, made by Bhumi Sekitar, independent woodcrafter, using naturally fallen timber range (NFTR) in different parts of Malaysia, mainly in Penang and Johor.

Mahogany is the number one wood choice for high end furniture worldwide. Mahogany wood is also popular for cabinetry, veneers, musical instruments (Mahogany is one of a few natural tonewoods), boat building and carving. It is one of the most valuable tropical hardwoods in the world prized for its beauty, durability, and color. A woodworker's dream, it turns and sands easily and has remarkable stability.

This item is made from Tropical Mahogany wood, a tree felled by the council in Penang. The cuts from the branches and trunk were collected for the purpose of making this opener. This piece was cut from sapwood which has numerous pores as this is part of the trunk where the nutrients flow. The pores as well as some spalting (fungus lines which grow in the wood) give the cut wood a nice organic look. 

Handmade to precision and finishing that will last for many years of beautiful use. To prevent drying out and splitting, give the opener a polish and rub with Orange Oil or any good quality furniture/ wood oil every few months or when the lustre fades.


  • Material: Tropical Mahogany wood
  • Size: 10 x 7.5 x 3cm 
  • Finishing: Mix of Lacquer or Polyurethane or Orange Oil/ Mineral Oil with Beeswax

As this is handmade, size differ slilghtly in the actual item. Colour differences may be due to photography lighting.


Designed with a central pull up central screw and a magnet to capture the bottle cap.


  1. Raw timber cut to size.
  2. Bark is stripped off.
  3. Each one is then designed in sympathy with the wood.
  4. Rough shapes are cut in bandsaw.
  5. Fine shaping on a belt sander.
  6. Smooth fininishing on 600 grit sandpaper.
  7. Laser engraving.
  8. Polishing with mineral oil/ orange oil/ beeswax.
  9. Install screw and magnet.

Watch https://youtu.be/mlfoBwj3p-A, to appreciate the entire process.

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1 piece of Handmade Bottle Opener (Half Moon design), crafted from fallen tree