Tudung Saji Rotan Sebatang Traditional Rattan Woven Food Cover Eco Friendly Classic Craft
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Size (L x W x H) 39 cm x 40 cm x 32 cm
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  • Traditional rattan made food cover.
  • Tudung saji rotan sebatang.
  • Rattan is a strong plant, widely used for furniture, baskets and canes.
  • Heavy, tightly made 100% protection from flies.
  • Keeps food fresh and hygienic.
  • Durable, tough - economical in the long term as no need to change food covers (made from plastic)
  • Eco friendly, skips the plastic.


Absolute protection, so tightly made that no flies can ever enter. Enjoy your cooking and meals in peace, no disturbances. No need for fly swatters, just a traditional rattan made food cover or in our local Malay language, the "tudung saji". 

Rattan, also spelled ratan, is the name for roughly 600 species of climbing palms belonging to the subfamily Calamoideae. These can be found in the closed-canopy old forests all over Asia (primarily South East Asia) and Africa. Rattan palm species are widely used for wickerwork furniture, baskets, canes, woven mats and other crafts.


- Weight: 400g
- Diameter: 32 cm
- Length: 40cm
- Height: 25cm

Rest assured that the tudung saji is very durable, it is tough based on its weight and how tightly the rattan is made. It definitely can block away any crawling pests and flies. So you can enjoy your cooking and your meals, in peace. Keeps your food fresh and hygienic before your actual meal. Aside from its functional purpose, it also looks good on your dining table. As made from rattan, it is durable and in the long term, more economical as one does not need to change to new food covers (those made of plastic). Safe to use, as made from rattan, it is eco friendly. Easy to maintain, just wipe lightly or apply some beeswax. Such is the advantage of traditional eco craft as a household item. Let us support traditional eco craft. 

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